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Service Price List
Full Training and Care       $1475

Full Training

Full Training is tailored to fit each horse and rider's personal and competition goals for the upcoming season.  Included in this full training program are the following:

- Weekly scheduling of rider's training program which includes a combination of training rides, hack days and lessons 6 days a week.

- Show planning throughout the year and entries.

Full Care

Full Care is tailored to provide the best care and management for each individual horse.  Included in this full care program are the following:

- Daily blanketing

- Daily AM and or PM feed (beet pulp/rice bran), multivitamin supplement, for SmartPak Supplements.  All clients are assisted by Storia Stables, in setting up a SmartPak account with supplements that are suitable for each horse's individual needs.

- 6-7 day a week grooming (brushing, ice wraps, etc.) turnout, tack up/down, bridle cleaning.

- Management of horses which include scheduling, recording and assisting with (shoeing, vaccinations, vet work, body work, etc.)

- Laundry and supplies (brushes, wraps, saddle pads, ointments, fly spray, etc.)  with the exception of customized items for horses (i.e. bridle, martingale, girth, Ogilvy pad, blankets, scrims, coolers, etc.)

- Show prep and trimming of horse,  Does not include body clipping ($175) which is done at the trainer's discretion.

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